Protect Your Eyes from Digital Screens with the Digisafe Lens

In a world that is slowly becoming entirely dependent on technology, our social and work lives have completely changed their dynamics. It is probably safe to say that we spend a good amount of the day staring at the screen for several reasons, like work, school and college projects, entertainment, and so on. What we do not realise is that these digital screens emit blue-violet light, which is harmful to the eyes of the viewers. Be it a laptop, smartphone, iPad, or television, all digital screens are equally harmful. In this digital world, it is difficult to avoid the screen, keep a check on our screen time, or take proper precautionary measures all the time. This is why Himalaya Optical provides the ideal solution! Their Digisafe Lens helps you stay glued to your screens without the risk of the blue-violet light affecting your eyesight.

It is recommended to wear the Digisafe or Blue Cut Lens to experience the effects of prolonged exposure to blue light.The glasses block the unhealthy blue light and block the transmission of a certain range of wavelengths. As a result, they filter out the harmful blue light. The harmful UV light is blocked by our eye lens and the cornea of our eyes, but unfortunately, they fail to block the blue light, which is equally a threat to the health of our eyes. It slips through the eye lens and harms your retina, which can cause permanent damage. Even if you do not require glasses on a daily basis to see clearly, it is critical to wear protective eyewear.

There are certain common health-related effects of blue light emitted from screens that our Digisafe Lenses will help you avoid.

  1. Visual tiredness during the daytime
  2. Sleepless nights or difficulty falling asleep
  3. Retinal degradation due to the UV Rays
  4. Increase in vulnerability of eye after a surgery.
  5. Impaired Vision

These lenses are designed to reduce eye strain caused by prolonged exposure to a digital screen, as well as the aftereffects such as disruption in the sleep cycle, increased stress levels, headaches, and disruption in one's well-being. Some of the other benefits of the Digisafe Lens are listed below:

  1. You will no longer be disturbed by eye strain
  2. The headaches caused by the eye strain will slowly fade away
  3. Your sleep routine will improve
  4. You will have a more restful sleep
  5. Stress levels will be reduced

To conclude, we can say that with the increasing use of and exposure to digital screens and electronics, these glasses become a must. Apart from the Digisafe Lens, Himalaya Optical provides a wide range of frames with various styles and colours from high-end brands. Get your luxurious pair of eyewear only at Himalaya Optical.

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