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The well established and fastest growing brand where passion for eye care leads, where eyewear is made with style and innovative ideas and where eyewear is dispensed with love, spirit and true professionalism. 

A place where employees are also taken care of as INTERNAL CUSTOMERS!

If you are thinking how you can build a bright career that will provide you professional development and at the same time bring you respect... JOIN US.

At Himalaya Optical, we assist you in a three-step approach:

  • We provide expert mentoring under the most experienced coaches in the optical industry;
  • We provide you the most ideal platform to apply your newly learnt skills
  • We prepare you for constructive competition

As the most admired optical retail brand of India providing the best opticals at the best prices and ensuring customer satisfaction both online & offline with our range of eye wear like sunglasses, spectacles & contact lenses, Himalaya Optical can give you an opportunity to put all the learning to practice through a direct experience at sales. Trust us when we say that if you have the knack, then climbing the ladders of success in Himalaya Optical is seamless and a natural progression. For a dynamic and meaningful career at Himalaya Optical, there is no advance preparation needed, you need to carry just a couple of things- a strong desire to learn and perform and a positive attitude.

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