Cut to the hero of our lives, DigiSafe lenses are the lenses that block the harmful blue light (cut this exposure for up to 30%). It results in reduced digital strain, no eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches. DigiSafe lenses from Himalaya Optical include blue-light filtering technology which can help offset some of the symptoms associated with the prolonged use of digital devices.

Digisafe lenses limit the exposure to blue light. Glasses with Digisafe lenses can reduce the potential for damage to the eyes and may improve symptoms of digital eye strain. Even without a prescription, one should consider a pair of glasses with blue light blocking technology.

What is blue light?

Blue light is everywhere around the world. At first, blue light was generated by the sun, but now we have brought blue light home through our digital screens. Many types of research prove that exposure to sunlight and constant use of digital screens can affect our sleep cycle. The Blue light can even harm our bodies internally too.

How can you protect yourself from the blue light?

While one should try and cut down their screen time to avoid blue light, it is not always possible to avoid screens with our increasing shift to the digital world, be it personally or professionally. Which is why BlueCut Lenses are the perfect solution for your eye strain problems. With BlueCut lenses, you can rest assured that your eyes are protected from blue light. These lenses block the blue light exposure for up to 30% and this in turn reduces eye strain and other health issues caused to you. A type of lenses that effectively cut out blue light is Digisafe lenses, which also include blue-light filtering technology which can help get rid of some of the symptoms associated with the prolonged use of digital screens. You can work worry-free for long hours as it limits the exposure to blue light. Even without precipitation, one can consider using Digisafe glasses with blue light blocking technology. A few benefits of these lenses are:

  • Safeguard to Blue Light - Digisafe lens is a safeguard from the Blue light and enables one to use devices before bed and still get a good night’s sleep.
  • Say goodbye to your eye problems – These lenses helps you work for long hours on digital screens, without harming the eyes and your overall health.
  • Night shift work hours - Digisafe lens can also be used for night shifts, as it can regulate internal body clocks and protect against fatal illness.
  • Checks on the Cortisol levels – It keeps the cortisol level in check as prolonged exposure to blue light can cause fluctuations.
  • Anyone can buy without a prescription – Nobody needs to consult an eye specialist for a Digisafe lens.

Who needs them?

Eyesight and vision is priceless, yet some workers are in environments where there are serious added threats to their eyes. Statistics have it that there are countless accidents happening in factories and industries in the absence of proper safety eyewear being used by the workforce. This is an important concern for the management of such workplaces. Workers who deal with radiation in their day to day work activities call for the use of safety wear for protection.

The human eye needs shielding from flying projectiles, therefore, employees found in such a setting where there is stone cutting, drilling or grinding and welding need safety eyewear to cover their eyes. In industrial setups too for example where there is work in furnaces or use with laser equipments, the labour there need definite guard for their eyes. It is an absolute necessity.

Is Digisafe Lens the Right Lens for You?

If you are wondering whether you need these DigiSafe lenses or not, let us help you clear out this doubt that anyone can wear these glasses if they are:

  • Computer Users – Many employees spend at least 8-10 hours a day, which is a long time to be exposed to blue light rays. Overexposure can lead to eye strains and uncomfortable side effects. So, protect your eyes by wearing a Digisafe lens and work worry-free.
  • Smartphone Users – Research shows that people reach their phones 120 times each day. Whenever you want to use your smartphone, wear a Digisafe lens to safeguard your eyes.
  • Spending Time Outdoors – Digisafe lens allows a healthy amount of blue light into our body and also blocks out the potentially harmful blue light rays.
  • Staying Indoors – At home, LED light bulbs and Televisions emit blue light. So, Digisafe lenses should be worn anytime when you are near a digital screen or a device that emits blue light.

How can DigiSafe Lens help your children’s health?

Computer Glasses or prescription eyewear glasses with blue light filtering technology can enhance your child’s focus and reduce eye strain. Here are the other benefits:

  • Digisafe lens can reduce the impact blue light, enabling one to use their devices before bed and still get a good night’s sleep
  • Digisafe lenses can helps avoid or delay AMD (full form), which is a leading cause of blindness by preventing blue light from impacting the eyes
  • Blue light blocking lenses such as Digisafe lens can be beneficial for night shift workers as it can regulate their internal body clocks and protect against fatal illnesses
  • Digisafe lens also keeps the cortisol levels in check as prolonged exposure to blue light can cause fluctuations

DigiSafe lens is the ideal lens that keeps your eyes protected from the harmful blue light and helps you work through the day without much digital strain or damage to your eyes. Along with using these glasses, you should make it a point to get regular eye checkups and take some time away from screens to help rest and recuperate. Protect your eyes with DigiSafe lenses by Himalaya Optical today!

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