Take care of your spectacle and sunglasses


Use both hands to wear the spectacle. Hold the spectacle frame from the end pieces of the front, take it in front of your face, gently glide in the spectacle and finally push it down on the ears, near the temple bend point.


Use both the hands to remove the spectacle. Hold the spectacle frame from the end pieces of the front, rotate the front down towards the cheeks so that the temple bend is released and then gently take it out.


When your spectacle is not in use, put it inside the spectacle case suitable for your spectacle. Spectacle without a cover should never be placed in the pocket.


  • Wipe your glasses with a clean cloth before wearing and after removing from your face
  • Apply lens cleaning solution on both the lens surface and gently spread it throughout the lens area using your finger
  • Use dry, lint-free cloth to wipe the solution and give a clear shine look to lenses
  • Always rub the lens surface in to-and-fro direction. Circular rubbing should be avoided
  • Lenses should not be cleared with sanitizer.

Facts you should know

  • Raindrops should be removed from the lens surface before they are dry as they leave marks on the lenses
  • Perfumes and sprays also leave marks on the lenses, if they are not cleaned immediately
  • Lenses should ideally be cleaned using recommended solutions and then dried with soft, lint-free cloth
  • All lenses get scratches with usage
  • All Anti-Reflection Coating deteriorates during normal use
  • Sweat, dirt and oils can build up on your frames and spoil the frame and can also cause red marks on your nose and behind the ears
  • The color of the metal gradually fades away during the course of use because of swear, dirt, oils and constant exposure to the atmosphere
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