Blue light glasses are specifically designed to selectively filter out the harmful blue-violet light usually emitted from digital screens, before it gets into your eyes. An increasing concern of the digital world, can be taken care of by this distinctive and unique eyewear which protects your eyes by reducing glare while you use such gadgets. 

Apparently, we expose our eyes to something artificial and damaging when we lay bare ourselves to unrestricted amounts of blue light emanating from digital screens. Research is trying to find out whether encountering excessive amounts of blue light from gadgets cause identical changes to the retina like Age Related Macular Degeneration due to sun’s blue light. The glasses prevent blue light from reaching your eyes, protect them and guard against eyestrain associated problems.

Digisafe Lenses

Why the need

These days, more and more, our social life and work are centered around looking at a digital screen for endless hours every day. To encounter the effects of high amounts of exposure to blue light it is advisable to wear Digisafe Glasses. A few reasons about why you may need them are,

1. Just as a walk outside in the sun helps you to stay alert, screen time before going to bed can also make you remain alert instead of falling asleep. This is because short wavelengths slow down the release of Melatonin, which is a sleep-inducing hormone. This hormone only starts releasing in your body just a couple of hours before you fall asleep. So it can be difficult to doze-off easily if you are busy with a laptop, tablet or mobile before hitting bed for the day. Therefore, Blue Cut / Digisafe Lenses can help to sleep better if worn while working with these gadgets an hour or two before going to bed.

2. Digisafe / Blue Cut Lenses help to reduce eye strain. You can experience eye and muscle strain as well as feel stressed out if you keep looking at a digital screen throughout the day. Blue light makes it tough to fixate on the screen and your eyes need to make an effort to concentrate. However, Digisafe Glasses aid in enhancing contrast on the screen which makes it comfortable to look at it and hence prevents eye fatigue.

3. Blue light apparently triggers migraine in some people. It can also aggravate headache. Shutting off blue light with special eyewear will stop migraine attacks and abate headaches to a great extent.

4. Harmful UV light is barred by the eye lens and cornea of  eyes from reaching the retina. Unfortunately, they fail to stop blue light. Harm and injury to the retina from blue light can bring about macular degeneration which causes blindness on many occasions. Blue light has the ability to pass through retina and raise the risk of formation of cataracts too. Wearing these glasses can stave off such dangers.

The way the glasses work

Digisafe / Blue Cut lenses block the transmission of a certain range of wavelengths. As a result, they filter out harmful blue light. They are also designed to aid in minimizing the appearance of eye strain from digital screens as well as prevent the interference of the circadian rhythm cycle impacting sleep and general well-being. The glasses block unhealthy blue light and fine-tune the wavelength which disturbs the circadian rhythm.

Final words

Our eyes are under a lot of stress as the average time on digital gadgets for adults has increased to an unprecedented 10 hours a day. Even if you do not need glasses to see properly, it’s always advisable to put on special eyewear to block blue light while being engaged with digital screens. If you are used to spending a considerable time with your phone at night these glasses are a must. In fact, we communicate to our brains to keep our bodies awake if we tinker with these devices until very late at night. You may evade many of these problems from blue light if you stay away from these gadgets, limit their use and read a book rather than sitting in front of Your TV. However, if these measures are not applicable to you, then opting for Digisafe / Blue Cut lenses will help.

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