Contact Lenses - Tips For Proper Use And Maintenance

Contact Lenses are great alternatives to spectacles. People who are hesitant to change their look by wearing spectacles or who are entirely averse to them can easily switch over to contact lenses.

But lenses are incredibly delicate to carry. They require immense care and precision in handling. Lenses are available in many brands. They are also available in many colours, from hazel to blue eyes.

With all the other advantages, the delicate nature of contact lenses brings along a myriad of maintenance tips & tricks, which are discussed below.

Tips For Use And Maintenance Of Contact Lenses

Cleaning the lenses depends on their types. The disposable soft lenses don’t need extensive care, but the conventional lenses require immaculate care to handle and wear. Specific tips should be followed irrespective of the type of lenses. Have a look at them-

Clean Hands

Wash your hands with water and soap and dry them thoroughly with a lint-free towel before handling your contact lenses.

Use And Maintenance Of Contact Lenses

Dry Hands

Make sure you don’t have oil or moisturizer residual on your hand. Oil or moisture tends to form a film on your hands and stick to the lenses. Further, this can irritate your eyes once you put on the lenses.

Short Fingernails

It is better to keep your fingernails small and smooth to carry the lenses. Sharp fingernails can damage your contact lenses or eyes.

Disinfecting Solution

Talk to your doctor about the use of a disinfecting solution or enzymatic cleaners to clean the lenses. Some disinfecting solutions may or may not suit the wearer. Hence it is essential to consult the doctor.

Fresh Solutions

While using the cleaning solution for the lenses, make sure it is not expired. Always use fresh solutions to avoid any damage to the lenses and eyes.

Tap Water

Never use tap water to clean the lenses. Tap water contains certain impurities that can contaminate the lenses. Usually, this can cause infection to the eyes. In unprecedented cases, you might even lose your contact lenses down the drain.

Removing Lenses

After removing lenses from the case, remove and rinse the case with a cleaning solution provided or recommended by the lenses' brand.

Rewetting Solution

If your eyes feel dry after wearing the lenses, contact your ophthalmologist to recommend a lubricating or rewetting solution to maintain the lenses' moisture.


Once the lenses are past the expiration date, replace them with new ones. To avoid any harm to the eyes, never wear expired lenses.


Do not mix different solutions for storing the lenses. Different solutions have different compatibility with the lenses. Hence, it is not advisable to mix the solutions of different brands.

Contact Lens

Before opting for lenses over spectacles, consult your doctor for its usability and maintenance. Always buy lenses from a reputed brand that ensures high-quality lenses. You can visit the Himalaya Optical one of the Best Optical Brands in Kolkata to explore a wide range of lenses.

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